At Silver Birch Care, we strive to help build confidence through experience, and support the development of our young people by facilitating a healthy balance of both leisure and work related activities.

An example of this is one of our young people at our Leyton unit who is doing very well since residing with us. He initially arrived in our care very reserved and shy, but through constant communication with staff and frequent key-work sessions his confidence has boosted within the placement and amongst other young people. This has also had an positive impact on other young people within the placement which has given them confidence also.

Our staff engage in regular discussions with all our young people to discuss their progression, career aspirations, updates and any concerns they may be experiencing. With this particular young person, we discovered that he would like to be a Police Officer and will be progressed onto a Public Services course.

We are delighted that everything is going well for our young person in college where he has made lots of friends and is enjoying all of his lessons – especially Art and English. We are so pleased that he passed his speaking and listening exam in December. He has also chosen to take additional Art classes every Wednesday as part of the college’s enrichment programme, and has been invited to the London Art School in April to undertake a course.
He also enjoys going to the gym and doing Judo which he used to do it in his country – he has now found a new class in Stratford that he is going to join. We wonder if he will become the world’s next Picasso that also practices judo!
To top it all off, he received a bonus of £360 bursary this month due to his fantastic near 100% attendance at college.

Extra-curricular activities
At Silver Birch Care we also aim to engage our young people in events and activities of interest, not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a tool towards developing life skills. You will see a picture below of our young people all taking part in a group cooking session. The menu was a national dish from Algeria which one of our young people suggested to cook. Bon Appetit!

Silver Birch Care Making a Real Difference.

Our success, passion and commitment require us to always provide the highest standards of support, and to consistently encourage and individualise the development of opportunities for our young people, and our skilled, dedicated staff team.