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Southwark Safeguarding Board Appointment


We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as one of the two provider representatives on the Southwark Safeguarding Board. The aim of the Board is to make sure that children and young people in Southwark are kept safe from harm and abuse. Its job is to co-ordinate the work of everyone [...]

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Supporting our young people with school enrolment and work experience


At Silver Birch Care one of our core objectives is to create a supportive environment that helps facilitate each young person’s access to either education or vocational training, and supporting them on to a diverse range of employment opportunities. We are delighted to announce that a young person in our Eastcote unit has successfully [...]

Supporting our young people with school enrolment and work experience2019-09-04T09:36:33+00:00

Encouraging our young people to succeed


At Silver Birch Care we believe that by providing young people with positive role models, and our dedicated support staff, we can successfully equip them with the independent living skills they need to move forward and make positive contributions to their wider communities. Preparing for Post 18 life One young person from our Thornton [...]

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Maintaining the health of our staff and young people


At Silver Birch Care our staff are skilled in identifying and responding to early indicators of physical and mental health issues. Staff at our Harrow unit supported one young person who had developed a bad cough by taking him to his local GP. The doctor fortunately concluded that it was just a minor virus [...]

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The importance of building confidence


At Silver Birch Care, we strive to help build confidence through experience, and support the development of our young people by facilitating a healthy balance of both leisure and work related activities. Confidence An example of this is one of our young people at our Leyton unit who is doing very well since residing with [...]

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The importance of teamwork and feedback


Our main objective is always to provide a safe, supportive and homely environment. Feedback from our staff and social workers are imperative to ensure we are continually thinking about how to improve our service. One example of this is a young person (S) who moved into our Westminster unit. We received first hand feedback [...]

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Celebrating birthdays


Creating a fun and inclusive environment where our young people and staff enjoy themselves is an extremely important part of SBC. We’ve had a great time seeing a number of our young people celebrating their birthdays with us. One of your people in the Carpenders Park unit recently turned 17 so our staff organised [...]

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