Our main objective at Silver Birch care is to always provide a safe, supportive and homely environment. Feedback from our staff and Social Workers are imperative to ensure we are continually thinking about how to improve our service.

One example of this is a young person (S) who moved into our Westminster unit. We received first hand feedback from a Social Worker about how well he’s settling in:

“I recognise that it was a big transition for S to come back into borough and I’m very pleased to hear the move went well. I also invited him to our Tuesday Group, where young people come to our building and prepare a shared meal, and he came yesterday evening which was good to see. From my first meeting with S last September, I could see how settled S was at Farndale. I always got very good feedback from him about the placement, and at every visit I have seen his confidence growing and his English language skills improving. Thank you to you and the team for the great work you have done with S.”

Another example is AH:

“ I was the allocated Social Worker for the young person AH for a short period of time. Throughout my work with the young person, I was working alongside Sabrina as she was his allocated support worker from placement. Sabrina was always incredibly child-focused in her work with him, she had a good awareness of his needs and how to support him. I observed a trusting relationship between them both, which she built up over time. AH was a difficult young person to work with as he is an unaccompanied asylum seeking child from Algeria and used to go missing for several periods of time. So it was great that Sabrina was able to build trust with him. She always supported him with any appointments or meeting he had to attend. There was also a period of time where AH did not have a Social Worker, and Sabrina took the lead on liasing with the Police re his missing episodes. It was a pleasure to work with Sabrina and I hope I can work with her again in the future.”

We want to thank our team for providing S, AH and all other our other young people with such outstanding care and support during their stay. Their effort and commitment represents everything Silver Birch Care stands for, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.