A Silver Birch Care visit to Southend-on-Sea!

Silver Birch Care recently visited Southend-on-Sea with a number of our young people to broaden their perspective of the outdoors with a variety of engaging activities.

This included an exciting trip to Adventure Island where they had access to thrilling rides such as roller coasters, water slides, and wave swingers. The team then went on an afternoon walk by the pier followed by an evening of sightseeing and relaxation at the beach.

One of our Care Managers later received feedback about the trip from one of the previous young people in our care. He said:

‘Thanks for what you did for us today I do appreciate it, I never forget what you did for me you and all the staff too, they were my family’. 

This message reinforces our ethos of striving to make a real difference in the lives of looked after young people, and provides us with additional motivation to continuously improve and evolve within our sector.

Silver Birch Care Making a Real Difference.

Our success, passion and commitment require us to always provide the highest standards of support, and to consistently encourage and individualise the development of opportunities for our young people, and our skilled, dedicated staff team.