Silver Birch Care is proud to use ClearCareTM

Silver Birch Care use ClearCare Integrated Management System, an online SaaS (software as a service) cloud-based system which provides bespoke IT solutions specifically for the care industry. Security and protection of sensitive information is key for us, so the system provides us with a secure solution that allows us to integrate different levels of documentation in one place. It provides us with a more effective means of managing data, case files, reports, and immediate access to our tailored Key Performance Indicators. This allows us to operate and deliver our services in a more efficient and timely manner. We use it to:

1) Access information easily

ClearCare offers instant access to a wide range of information relating to young people, staff, and social care settings. Data and reports can be shared easily with local authorities, social workers, carers and other related partners enabling greater transparency and collaboration.

2) Monitor activity

ClearCare logs all activity meaning that any information viewed and any changes made are clearly visible. Furthermore, no important information can be deleted. The system can also instantly notify managers by email of any current events happening in the home (e.g. when an incident report or physical intervention is filed).

3) Evidence outcomes

ClearCare has a reporting system which makes it easy to study behaviour patterns, identify trends, and trace incidents. The information is presented in graphs, tables or lists to offer a clear overview of a particular situation, for example school attendance.

4) Monitor home compliance

  • Accurate information gathering and reporting is essential for compliance. For all young people, staff will complete:
  • Individual Support Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Admission and Discharge Logs
  • Daily Logs
  • Weekly Reports
  • Key Work Sessions
  • Progress Trackers
  • Room Inspections
  • Universal Credit Application Evidence
  • Universal Credit Payment Receipt
  • Photography/Video Consent Form
  • Section 20 Exemption Form
  • Sports Activities Records
  • House and Meetings Records

All records are consistent with Pathway Plans which are drawn up and agreed with the young person, Social Worker, and other professionals.

Looking to the future

Our target for the future will be to launch the ClearCare Kids App. This app will provide supported accommodation with the perfect tool to engage with young people and encourage feedback on the care that they are receiving. Through the app young people will be able to access completed care forms and have the opportunity to provide feedback whether in written or emoji format. All data captured within the app will automatically be uploaded to the ClearCare system and will comply with GDPR requirements.

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