We have introduced a new complimentary psychological assessment tool – BERRI, which is now available for young people on request

We are pleased to offer a new complimentary service on request – a clinical evaluation tool developed by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Miriam Silver, that helps identify, track and improve the outcomes of children with complex needs.

Using the BERRI assessment tool, our support plans would provide a set of strategies/interventions to direct support staff and other professionals in their interactions with young people on a day-to-day, and moment-to-moment basis. The support plan will address key risk factors/support needs as identified within the initial assessment, and subsequent update reports. The plan would be developed in partnership with our experienced back office team, supported living staff, mentor, and the young person themself, to ensure the targets set address key support factors, and have meaning and relevance to the young person to facilitate positive motivation to engagement.

Our therapeutic support plans aim to offer a simple focus on targets that will provide young people with an experience of progress in areas relevant to them to improve their lives. The support plan takes a strengths-based approach to the promotion of recovery, and involves staff noting strengths and qualities that may have previously been seen as only peripheral to their journey. Using this strengths-based perspective allows staff to offer compassionate empathic support, whilst being vigilant and mindful of other qualities that coexist beside and within the young people’s comprehension of their situation.

For more information, visit https://www.berri.org.uk/or get in touch with us directly.

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