Maintaining the health of our staff and young people

At Silver Birch Care our staff are skilled in identifying and responding to early indicators of physical and mental health issues.

Staff at our Harrow unit supported one young person who had developed a bad cough by taking him to his local GP. The doctor fortunately concluded that it was just a minor virus due to the cold weather, advising him to drink hot water with honey and that he would return to normal in 2-3 days.

Staff also supported him at an appointment with the optician, whom after several checks advised that his eyesight was perfectly fine.

They also accompanied him to a dental appointment. The dentist observed that the gaps between his teeth were too wide so cannot be filled, and that he requires his tooth be removed. He will attend another appointment to review and also for further cleaning treatment.

Thank you to all our staff who have supported this particular young person, as well as countless others so that they can live healthy and positive lives.