Team Activities

At Silver Birch Care Ltd we understand the importance of team building and team activities and the positive effects it has on young people. Not only do our team activities help build and strengthen relationships between our young people and staff members it improves their communication skills and helps them stay motivated. So we decided we would take some of our young people to a theme park and it turns out that a lot of our staff and young people have a lot more in common then we would of thought as everybody was very daring and thoroughly enjoyed all of the rides that were on offer.

We all know how hard it can be for young people to stay motivated so being able to provide our young people with a special day out can be very beneficial on both the young person and staff member. With the help and support of our care managers this is something that we will continue doing for our young People that we look after which we are sure both the young people and staff will enjoy.

Here is what one of our young people had to say about the trip!

“In October, Our care manager, Chris took the whole unit to Thorpe Park.
I never been to anything like this before as I only moved to the UK in May this year. There were many rides that went up and down and round and round. I went on many rides but had to stop because it made my belly feel funny. We had food at a fried chicken restaurant and played computer games. I think there was an event on because there were people dressed in customers trying to scare me. I was a little bit scared but in a good way. I am really happy that Chris took us we had a great time. Thank you.”