Developing key life skills

One our primary objectives is to achieve positive outcomes for the young people placed in our care, and to enable them to acquire practical life skills measured in accordance with the five core outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters.’

We work hard to teach young people about strengthening their personal independence through means such as managing their own finances and travel arrangements. We recently supported a young person in our Harrow unit with setting up his own bank account for him to deposit his saved money into. He has also registered at his local library and received his zip oyster card.

Our staff also supported the young person to his solicitors appointment, where he was given his Home Office documents. The solicitor confirmed they would be able to get an interpreter for his next appointment so he can get the most out of the information.

Staff also supported him at his first day of college where he met two of his friends from church. Staff met his tutor, and ensured he was made to feel comfortable. He is now very excited about attending college and we are confident that he will spread the word to others about the benefits of learning!